about me


I can parallel park like nobody’s business.

I strongly believe in holding the door open behind you.

I kiss my kids goodnight before I turn in (at least, I try – the one on the top bunk is a bit tricky these days).

I’m a night owl, especially if I’m editing.

I *can* be a morning person, with coffee.

I enjoy a good beer as much as a glass of red.

I play Scrabble with my husband.

I have three sisters (yes, only sisters) who know me better than just about anyone.

I say “bless you” to strangers when they sneeze.

The sound of my kids’ giggles brings me joy like no other.

I miss my mom every day. Every day.

I cheer on the Patriots and Red Sox but I can’t quite understand the appeal of golf (sorry, Scott!).

My closest friend is someone I’ve known since I was 14.

I will opt for sushi ANY night of the week.

When I was a kid I was the pickiest eater of the family.

I prefer driving a standard.

Huge confession: I don’t understand Pinterest.


My background: My professional life feels a bit split into two halves, pre-kids and post-kids. Pre-kids, I was a clinical social worker with experience in home-based family therapy and international adoption. I also worked at Harvard Business School which allowed my heart a bit of reprieve from the heavy stuff while helping MBA students pursue interests in healthcare. And post-kids, I became a stay-at-home-mom and then slowly turned my love of photography into a career that feels 100% like what I am meant to do.


My “about me” page wouldn’t be complete without saying a bit about those who help to keep me whole: Craig, the wonderful guy who I was somehow lucky enough to marry; our two girls who make our days seem long and make our years seem short; my sisters (Beth, Rainelle, and Alyssa) who give unwavering support; my Dad who has shown me an entrepreneurial spirit, my in-laws (Cheryl, Dennis, Danielle, Scott, and Krista); my friends/first “clients;” and my Mom, who, though she is no longer here, always, always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

C o n n e c t