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Newborn session (Sarah, Mike, W, & V) – Wellesley, MA

Baby V looks a bit like her big brother did when he was first born but the thing that struck me the most was her eyes.View full post »

Family portrait session (Nicole, Keith, J, A, & S) – Wakefield, MA

Back in April, I was contacted by a group of co-workers who were looking for a gift certificate for their colleague.View full post »

Family portrait session (Holly, Dave, C, P, & grandma) – Danvers, MA

Giant, innocent, and jubilant smiles seemed to come easy to this little girl, especially when her big brother looked atView full post »

Family portrait session (Danielle, Mina, O, & L) – Cambridge, MA

Holy smokes. Just a warning, folks, there’s a LOT of cuteness happening here. When I first photographed little O,View full post »

Extended family portrait session – Boston, MA

Last year when I met this family, there was one baby and one slightly unhappy toddler who really didn’t want toView full post »

Newborn session (Shira, Dave, A, & J) – Providence, RI

And the award for the Most Understanding Clients of the Year goes to: Shira, Dave, and their darling loves. They haveView full post »

Family portrait session (Megan, Brad, B, & B) – Winchester, MA

When a special friend asks you to photograph her family, you do it willingly, happily and feel honored. At least, that&#View full post »

Twins newborn session (Diana, Josh, D, & M) – Newton, MA

Twenty little toes, twenty tiny fingers, two hungry mouths, and two sets of strong lungs. It may feel like there are notView full post »

Newborn session (Emily, Jared, H, & F) – South Boston, MA

Isn’t it amazing how crazy big your oldest seems all of a sudden right after you have your second baby? I mean,View full post »

Mini-documentary session (Alyssa, Adam, & S) – Newburyport, MA

Warning: Shameless gushing over my littlest nephew ahead. I can’t stand it; he melts my heart. The way he seems toView full post »

Newborn session (Tracey, Chris, O, & J) – Winchester, MA

She took note of everyone’s favorite animal (hers being a cow) and proceeded to twirl about in her room, talkingView full post »

Family portrait session (Tracy, Dean, A, D, & L) – Gloucester, MA

Three cutie-pie kids, two sweet-as-can-be parents, and a bulldog named Cupcake arrive at the beach early one morning.View full post »

Newborn session (Dan, Meghan, & E) – Stoneham, MA

She was asleep when I arrived. She was asleep on the bed. She stayed asleep in the basket. And in the crib. And outsideView full post »

Family portrait session (Angela, Joe, & B) – Gloucester, MA

When they told me that little B wasn’t much of a smiley kid, and was more on the serious side, I didn’t *View full post »

Family portrait session (Katja, Brad, & Z) – Watertown, MA

Cute Z turned the big one not too long ago. According to her lovely parents, she has taken a couple of steps here andView full post »

Family portrait session (Brittany, Dave, & B) – Northbridge, MA

The morning was *supposed* to be warm and sunny. It did not turn out that way but that didn’t stop this handsomeView full post »

Family portrait session (Stephanie, Richard, M, & C) – Wakefield, MA

Baby C is currently the record-holder for the most calm, sleepy, and chill baby for a newborn session. Yup. She barelyView full post »

6-month session (Alyssa, Adam, & S) – Newburyport, MA

Have you EVER seen a cuter gnome in your life? I am the first to admit that I have my auntie-glasses on when I look atView full post »

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