Family portrait session (Julie, Keith, C, T, & K) – Lexington, MA

It was a chilly day and these kiddos were not *quite* excited for family photos but we managed to rally the troops here and there and made the best of it. Big sister tried her best to get the younger two to have some fun. Little brother was a bit tired from a birthday party the night before, and youngest K was just unsure of where she wanted to be. The cutest part of the session was when we came across these long benches – the way they were situated made the kids all think that it was the perfect time for their parents to recreate the kissing scene from their wedding! The kids then proceeded to photo bomb the shot in various poses. Super cute.

Julie and Keith, thanks for sharing your afternoon with me!

Julie - 2017/12/01 - 7:51 am

Stephanie thank you so much for your patience with our less than cooperative kiddos! We are thrilled with the pictures and have some fun and funny memories we will forever treasure! Thank you!!!

Rainelle Comeau - 2017/12/01 - 8:49 am

These are perfect! I have so much love for this family! Stephanie, thank you for capturing these moments for them!

Extended family portrait session – Melrose, MA

Amy and Gerard arrived with their girls for some cute Christmas-themed photos at the start of the session. These beautiful girls were up for it all – reading, tree pulling, and twirling. Then the rest of the crew joined in – cousins, aunts, and uncles, too. The cousin love was palpable. Six of them, all together for a family portrait and some fun. So many smiles, such pretty light. And such great jumping!

Thank you, Amy and family, for a great session. What a beautiful family you all have!

Family portrait session (Cerissa, O, & J) – Brookline, MA

Oh, it was a cold one! And windy! But these girls braved the cold to get some portraits along with their sweet mama. And then we hurried back to the car and traveled back to their house for some more relaxed (and warmer) photos of them in their natural element. These two beauties had a whole routine with some of their favorite stuffed animals that included a presentation, applause, written notes, and drawn outlines of said stuffed animals. It was adorable. My favorite: a strawberry, aptly named “Strawbs.” They ended the session by rocking out with some tunes and karaoke.

Cerissa, I’m so glad that we were able to make the session work despite the uncooperative weather. Your girls cracked me up!

Family portrait session (Jessica, Rich, E, & C) – Winchester, MA

It was one of the first cold snaps of the season and our plans for an outdoor session went out the door, or rather, in the door. We instead did an indoor session in their lovely home, getting some family portraits and then letting the girls do a little Christmas craft. It turns out that while both girls enjoy Christmas and the man in the red suit, the littlest one finds it unsettling that he comes down the chimney, or even comes into your house at all. So, they leave a kind note for the big guy and ask that he leave any and all gifts for them outside. Mom and dad then promptly bring them inside in the morning. What a brilliant compromise (and totally logical thought process)!

Loved seeing you all again, Jess and Rich. Your girls are simply adorable, as always. Oh, and you have such great back yard neighbors, too – who knew that my former boss was your neighbor!

Newborn session (Sarah, Mike, W, & V) – Wellesley, MA

Baby V looks a bit like her big brother did when he was first born but the thing that struck me the most was her eyes. They are the same alert eyes that baby W had (and still has!) that seem to have this curious look about the world around her. She was awake when I arrived and then was in and out of sleep during our session but almost always seemingly happy. She snuggled with her parents. She snuggled with her brother (who did such an amazing job of holding her). And she even cracked a little smile here and there. Baby V, you are one lucky girl to have such a kind and loving family.

What a perfectly sweet addition to your amazing family, Sarah and Mike! I’m beyond thrilled for you all. I wish you loads of baby snuggles and lots of good coffee.

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