Newborn session (Sarah, Mike, W, & V) – Wellesley, MA

Baby V looks a bit like her big brother did when he was first born but the thing that struck me the most was her eyes. They are the same alert eyes that baby W had (and still has!) that seem to have this curious look about the world around her. She was awake when I arrived and then was in and out of sleep during our session but almost always seemingly happy. She snuggled with her parents. She snuggled with her brother (who did such an amazing job of holding her). And she even cracked a little smile here and there. Baby V, you are one lucky girl to have such a kind and loving family.

What a perfectly sweet addition to your amazing family, Sarah and Mike! I’m beyond thrilled for you all. I wish you loads of baby snuggles and lots of good coffee.

Senior session (Isabella) – Lexington, MA

What can I say about this beauty and her adoring mother? It was heart-warming to witness the mother-daughter bond that exists between these two. Izzy is a high school senior and her mom wanted some senior portraits as well as some photos of the two of them together before she sets off for the big wide world next year. They were super cute together and her mom seemed to enjoy teasing her a little bit here and there. Not only is Izzy a gorgeous girl, but it was easy to tell that she’s got a good soul, too. 

Izzy and Stacey – thank you so much for a lovely session. I so enjoyed meeting you both. Izzy, I hope your senior year continues to go well and that your college search is successful!

Family portrait session (Amy, Mike, J, & B) – Gloucester, MA

Climbing rocks, soccer, and biking – all in the span of one session. This family was up for it all! Beyond all of the activity, what was especially striking was witnessing these two boys together. The brotherly bond was as strong as their adventurous spirit. It’s a park where Mike has done bike races so it’s a familiar place and yet we managed to find some new territory to explore. Oh, and it was the perfect place to create a couple of silhouettes (and I’m a sucker for a good silhouette). There’s one here that made me feel like I was on the set of E.T. Check it out below and tell me what you think!

Amy and Mike, what a fun session! Thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with me (and then seeing you again that evening!). I loved every minute of it.

Family portrait session (Shannon, John, C, & C) – Danvers, MA

It’s remarkable just how kind-hearted some people are in this world – truly. When I heard from Shannon a few weeks ago, she humbly re-introduced herself as if I would have forgotten about this session we did a couple of years ago when her father was sick. There’s no way I could have forgotten this session. Ever. And so we met again this year for a photo session, only this time it was without her father. The kids have gotten bigger and they run a bit faster now. Shannon’s mom was able to join us for some fun, too.

One thing remains the same: their kind-hearted nature. Shannon did something during our session that a client has not done before – she took a couple of photos of *me* walking with her kiddos as we moved from one spot to the next. She sent them to me the next day along with the sweetest sentiment: “We all really enjoyed yesterday- the kids especially. They were talking about you all day. I snapped some photos as it really warmed my heart to see my kiddos connecting with you! Thank you again – I hope you have someone to give to your family what your photography gives to ours!”

Shannon and John, thank YOU for the opportunity to see the beauty of your loving family through my lens once again.

Sisters portrait session (A & M) – Winchester, MA

These two beauties arrived looking so stinkin’ cute in their vintage lace dresses and pearls! Their mom came equipped with a complete tea party set up and it was so darn cute to see them sharing a (pretend) spot of tea right there on the grass. The whole scene made me want to break out my British accent but I refrained since my execution is simply dreadful. We walked around a bit and said hello to all of the dogs out for their morning walk and got to chat with the geese and ducks as well.

Lauren, thanks so much for a fun tea-time session with your girls! They are ridiculously adorable.

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