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Family portrait session (Brad, Megan, & B) – Lincoln, MA

While I LOVE meeting new clients and making new friends, I also LOVE the part of my job where I get to photograph dearView full post »

Family portrait session (Holly, Dave, & C) – Danvers, MA

Can you say, “cutie-pa-tootie?” This little 9-month-old nugget is clearly the apple of his parents’View full post »

Family portrait session (Laura, Mike, O, & O) – Danvers, MA

What’s the fastest way to warm up when you’re outside in the blustery wind and cold? Running, of course! AndView full post »

Extended family portrait session – Andover, MA

On a quiet street in Andover surrounded by trees and a lovely pond, the whole gang gathered together for a portraitView full post »

Family portrait session (Gennie, Pete, M, & C) – Holliston, MA

In a field covered with yellow leaves, we were on a hunt for red ones. Good thing Pete had an eye for finding them.View full post »

Marriage of J & Kara – Cambridge, MA

So many things come to mind when I think about this day. Friendship, the meaning of family, and authenticity are just aView full post »

Family portrait session (Kathleen, Mike, B, & M) – North Reading, MA

Summer in November? Sure felt that way during this shoot since I was wearing a tank top while I was getting a kick outView full post »

Family portrait session (Kristan, Adam, E, & J) – Arlington, MA

Her laugh has always been contagious, even when I met her 23 years ago (yikes, Kristan, are we that old?!). I have beenView full post »

Family portrait session (Lauren, Steve, B, & C) – Dedham, MA

So many leaves. I mean, more leaves than I’ve ever seen in one spot. *Almost* as deep as the snow we had here lastView full post »

Family portrait session (Sinem, Rasim, A, & A) – Dover, MA

Legos and dolls. Dolls and Legos. They each played with their own respective toys, I heard a song about the days of theView full post »

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