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Family portrait session (Michelle, Mark, C, & B) – Concord, MA

We didn’t know a soul at the table we’d been assigned to at a friend’s wedding, but we walked awayView full post »

Family portrait session (Kristin, Brian, K, & E) – North Reading, MA

Another unseasonably cold morning, I was prepared to make sure these cutie-pie girls were staying warm during our shootView full post »

Family portrait session (Tara, Ed, E, J, & E) – North Reading, MA

Tara and Ed are long-time friends of my sister and brother-in-law. And they share the experience of parenting twin boysView full post »

Family portrait session (Tom, Michelle, & N) – Lexington, MA

It’s possible that the last time I saw Tom, we were both wearing a cap and gown for our high school graduation. HeView full post »

Family portrait session (Jessica, Chris, T, K, & C) – Winchester, MA

This trio of kiddos were *loving* the goats, who seemed to follow them around the edges of their pen. We had a lot ofView full post »

Family portrait session (Pam, Paris, L, & L) – Reading, MA

Pam had just returned from a trip to Japan the day before our shoot and yet somehow, she didn’t look the least bitView full post »

Mother and son portrait session – Topsfield, MA

Here’s a sweet and short session with this lovely mama and her son on a beautiful afternoon. What a lovely pair!View full post »

Family portrait session (Colleen, Mike, & V) – Boston, MA

Oh my goodness, this little one made me laugh with her smile and her strawberry blonde hair. And, her name. Oh, how IView full post »

W family (Sarah, Mike, & W) – South Boston, MA

This guy. No, not the super tall one. The little one. Check him out. I honestly spent the whole session smiling and thenView full post »

Family session (Robin, Tim, and L) – South Boston, MA

Oh, it was an unexpectedly chilly morning for this little guy! Baby L warmed up here and there with a snuggly blanketView full post »

Newborn session with baby A – Boston, MA

When your first baby is a Bernese Mountain Dog, your newborn baby probably seems like but a morsel. So is the case ofView full post »

Senior session with Regan – Gloucester, MA

Regan came armed with her sweet mama and her darling sister. Mama provided some guidance while sister provided someView full post »

Family portrait session (Tracy, Dean, A, & D) – Ipswich, MA

The horses seemed to welcome us as they trotted over to the fence. They are gorgeous animals, aren’t they? LittleView full post »

Family portrait session (Jen, Matt, S, N, & A) – Melrose, MA

Most, dare I say all, moms and dads know the feeling when your little one starts running, bare-legged, as fast as theirView full post »

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