The allure of giant rocks – Wakefield, MA

Giant rocks just seem like they are beckoning to be conquered, don’t they? Big brother would climb, get to the top, and bust out his best, “let’s see your muscles” pose, and then, just as quickly, he would descend and continue his search for the next boulder calling his name. He seemed completely at ease telling me about his typical day at kindergarten, who his teachers were, and the friends he had there. And though she did try to keep up with him, little sister, M, also showed that she has a mind of her own. When she decided to go the opposite direction from the rest of the family, she stuck to her guns despite the, “OK, you go that way but we’re going this way, see you later” game that Heather tried to play. We spent the better part of our session in search of a massive tree that had fallen down thus exposing it’s roots (as told to us by one seemingly wise passer-by). Unfortunately, we never did find the tree, but we certainly had fun on the journey. Heather and Scott, thank you for a lovely little morning in our wonderful local reservation area. Your kids rock (get it?)!














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