Astounding beauty – Somerville, MA

“Are you sure you want to arrive in time for his wake up? He wakes up at 5am.” Jill seemed skeptical that I would really want to be there at that birds-should-be-the-only-ones-awake hour, but yes, yes I did want to be there. By some small miracle, he started “sleeping in” until 6am the week before our shoot so I arrived at 5:30am instead of 4:45am. Thanks, little man.

After already surviving breast cancer in her 20s, Jill was20140906_F_M_fam_028diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. With her husband, Tim, and their sweet 3 1/2 year old son by her side, she has fought SO hard. At this point, she is enjoying life while she feels good. A friend gifted a portrait session to her which we then turned into a mini-day in the life session beginning with little G’s wake up. Jill and G, the early birds of the family, carried on with their normal Saturday morning routine, then they all prepped for a little portrait session. We took some fun portraits on campus of a nearby university and topped off the session with a trip to an awesome splash park/playground which was perfect for the super-hot day.

This is a day I will never forget. I will never forget the love between Jill, Tim, and G. I will never forget the wonderfully giant pancake G made (and how Jill refrained from reigning him in as he was doing it). I will never forget the moment when I realized that she, Tim, and I had crossed paths 10 years ago. I will never forget Jill’s grace and beauty.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for allowing me into your lives for a short while. Pancakes in my house will forever be a bit bigger thanks to you. I hope we meet again.


Rainelle Comeau - 2014/09/19 - 11:01 pm

Such a touching video, Stephanie. Jill and her family will be in my thoughts.

Faith - 2014/09/20 - 12:21 pm

Great shots! I love seeing how Jill lights up when she looks at Gus!

Karen Stupalski - 2014/09/20 - 1:28 pm

Fabulous and personal gift that can not be replicated. I admire your strength. Your family is truly loved and vice versa as seen in your eyes.

Melanie - 2014/09/20 - 2:23 pm


Kristen - 2014/09/24 - 7:22 am

Your photography is wonderful, as always, and you can feel the love in this family from your perfectly framed and focused shots. The splash pad photos are fun but my favorites are the ones from their home in the morning, the simplicity of the everyday routine that captures the tiny moments that make up our lives (the lotion on the legs!). Well done!

[…] her that well. She was, and still is, dear to me because she touched my heart in a profound way. I spent half of a day photographing her, her husband, and their son back in 2014. That day will forever be in my heart for so many reasons: I learned that sometimes, the bigger the […]

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