Big brother, the tour guide – Ashland, MA

He was eager to show me around his house, taking my hand and pulling me around as if he was the lead tour guide being paid for how many things he could show me in the shortest amount of time. Even though it had been almost 2 years since I last saw him, I could tell that this little spiky-haired boy was as sweet as he was when he was just a baby. And here he was now as a big brother to his 10-day old sister. He seemed to still be taking stock of the new member of the family, keeping his distance just enough so that he could keep a close eye on her but not sure about getting snuggly yet, either. Baby T was unaware of how many sets of eyes focused on her, peacefully sleeping most of the session, satisfied with a full belly and lots of cuddles. As for Tara and Teddy, save for the Keurig calling for more water, they were in good shape – perfectly at ease with their littlest one and allowing big brother the room he needed to figure out the new piece of their puzzle in his own way.

Tara and Ted, congratulations on a beautiful baby girl. I love the alliteration of your names, the rhythm of your family dynamic, and the love that is palpable in your home. Big, big hugs to you and wishes for decent sleep (let’s be honest, *good* sleep is a ways away, but who needs sleep?). Thank you so much for a chance to see you again and meet your little girl.


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