The wonder of it all – Gloucester, MA

Little C seemed like he could have spent hours just roaming, wondering, and exploring the beach. We practically had it all to ourselves on a gorgeous evening in Gloucester. It took him a minute to get used to the feel of the gritty sand on his feet, but then he was off running. He ran towards the ocean and froze as soon as his little piggies reached the cold water, looking back at his parents and taking delight in his discovery. He was curious about the seaweed, played in tiny tide pools, climbed the rocks, and tossed the ball around with his football-loving dad. It was precious watching him take it all in and in turn, seeing his parents revel in his joy. What a super fun beach session, Alyssa and Mike! Wishing you all a wonderful summer filled with lots of splashing, sand castle-building, and (ever so slightly) sun-kissed cheeks.




[…] I first met this lovely family last year, C was a big-brother-in-the-making and his parents were trying to prepare for what life would be […]

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