Joy, familiar and new – Charlestown, MA

A second baby brings back so much of what was once brand new to the forefront: the tiniest of diapers, the most innocent of cries, the sweet sleepy cuddles, and the magic of it all. A second baby also introduces an unseen capacity for love, a new appreciation of the bond between siblings, increased juggling skills, an unbelievable number of kisses, and more laundry than ever imagined. And all of it is good.

Baby D reminds me a lot of what his older brother looked like when I took his newborn photos about two years ago but he has his own sweet features as well. Beautiful mama and dad are as in awe of D as they were with big brother A. Big brother A seems to be acclimating to his new role without much trouble, happily entertaining himself with trains and his mama’s sparkly shoes as we attended to the new member of the family. I felt as if I could just keep shooting all day, capturing how this little family of four was finding their groove, getting a feel for their new dynamic, and experiencing a whole lot of love.

Tracy and Dean, thank you so much for introducing me to your littlest treasure. What a darling family you have there.

To view the complete gallery, click here (password protected; please contact the family or me if interested).

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