Double the giggles – Boston, MA

OK, so anyone who has twins (or any multiple!) knows that double the giggles is THE best thing about having two littles at the same time. Of course, two at once also means double the diapers, feeding times, boo-boos, and melt-downs – all at the same time. I applaud and admire ALL of the energy, effort, patience, and stamina it takes to raise twins. Yes, I’m talking to you, Lisa & Eric (and all my other parents of twins: Beth & Mark, Christen & Steve, Jennifer & Matt, Tulin & Eric, Angela & Chris)!

These two little ones, G and S, were so eager to enter the world that they were about 12 weeks early, but they seem to be catching up just fine now. Not only are they trying to keep up with each other, but they have Jeff, their not-so-small dog, to play with and chase all day long. And Jeff seems none the worse for the wear. We had fun hanging out in their home for the first half of this session and then got some chilly fresh air after that with Jeff happily in tow.

What a pleasure it was to meet all of you! Thank you so much for allowing me to document a lovely little morning, Lisa and Eric.

For the complete gallery, click here (password protected; please contact either the family or me if interested).

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