Lovin’ the leaves – Wakefield, MA

Little miss L could not wait to get outside. She was all set to go when I arrived early in the morning; her parents were trying to finish their coffee (whatever would we parents do without coffee?). We had a beautiful and chilly morning for our backyard shoot and the leaves were plentiful, perfectly crisp, and vivid. Little L, a fairly new member of the walking world, seemed to enjoy trudging through them and also showed off her mad crawling skills at warp speed. Her parents, Linda and Mike, seemed happy just to witness her exploring her little world and were totally cool with the collateral damage (i.e. dirt) that comes along with playing with said leaves.

Linda and Mike, it was so nice meeting your little sweetie! Thanks for having me along to bottle up some of these moments for you.

To view the complete gallery, click here (password protected, please contact the family or me if interested).


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