Two-year old energy – Melrose, MA

What I would give for the amount of energy my kids seem to have, even when they are carrying a sleep debt (which, if you ask me, is most of the time seeing as they wake up at 5am). They just seem to go and go, all without an ounce of caffeine. And so seemed to be the case with this little one. Little N, according to her parents, is full of energy and keeps them on the go all the time even though she doesn’t particularly like to nap. Needless to say, we had fun in their backyard with pig piles and gymnastics moves. Little N, I love your spirited energy – feel free to send a little my way.

Maura and Curt, your little one is adorable! Thank you so much for a fun backyard shoot. To view the complete gallery, click here (password protected; please contact the family or me if interested).



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