An end to Tuesday & Thursday mornings as we know it

OK, so that’s a bit dramatic, I know, but my oldest daughter started preschool this month for the first time and it made me feel a bit nostalgic. She only goes two mornings a week, but it’s the start of a long journey of school days and our morning routine on these days looks and feels very different than it did before. It made me feel old, having a kid who goes to “school,” and then I looked at her. She’s growing. So. Incredibly. Fast. I swear she was just screaming her little head off yesterday, breaking out of her swaddle, and wanting nothing to do with her crib/bassinet/swing/bouncy seat. Now, she can hold onto me with all four long limbs for a “monkey hug” – where I can let go and she still hangs on. We share the same tube of toothpaste. She wears a little backpack where she keeps a family photo and tissues, “just in case I sneeze, Mama.” And her latest stroke of genius – “Mama, I have a plan. When we get to school, you can just come around to my side of the car, help me out, then you can go back to your side, get back in, and I’ll just go into school all by myself.” Fat chance, my friend. Here’s to you, little one, on this new adventure. I love you all the way to China, Mexico, Pluto, California, England — and back. Mwah!

Yes, she’s raising the roof. It’s preschool orientation day, after all. Wouldn’t you?

She found her name, “all over the classroom, even in the sandbox!”

Proud girl. Proud mama.

To mark the occasion of this new chapter, I thought I would share some personal pics of both my girls from the summer. It involved my sister’s wedding, a lot of beach time, cousin time, and a mini-shoot with matching dresses (couldn’t help myself!). Below are some highlights. If you want the whole gallery, click here (password: Summer2013). I hope you enjoy.

Also, a big thank you to all of my AMAZING clients this summer, both new and old, for many happy sessions, new memories, and belly laughs. I am so grateful. Last but certainly not least, a loud shout out goes to my husband, without whose support this would all still be a pipe dream. The girls and I are incredibly lucky, baby.



Alyssa - 2013/09/22 - 3:34 pm

Wept a bit and laughed a bit. Beautiful post, sister. xo

Beth - 2013/09/22 - 4:10 pm

Wow I cried. But what a beautiful post. Those girls are just stunning. Absolutely stunning. I miss you and the girls very very much. Xoxoxo .

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