A mini “mini-me” session – Plaice Cove, Hampton, NH

It’s a well-known fact on my husband’s side of the family: Sarah (Craig’s cousin) and Mike each have a mini-me. It’s true. Take a look and tell me I’m wrong! The session almost didn’t happen at all – we had tried to meet in the morning and it was so foggy we wouldn’t have been able to see much so we rescheduled for that evening. The fog cleared and the day was beautiful; of course about a 1/2 hour before our rescheduled session, the skies opened up and the thunder roared. We managed to sneak in a quick session just after the rain had stopped with thunder still rumbling in the background.

Check out how lovely little miss E is!

And big brother, D (who is beyond skilled at the drums), looking very handsome.

Ahh, sibling love.

And here they are, each with their own mini-me! Am I right or am I right?

LOVE this one of E, especially how it shows her hair flare.

And sorry for posting this one, D, but I couldn’t help myself. You don’t have to show it to your friends, but someday you will appreciate this image.

Thanks for the fun, mid-thunderstorm session, Sarah and Mike! To view the complete gallery, click here (password protected; please contact the family or me if interested).


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