Dynamic duo – Woburn, MA

I have a soft spot for twins given that my nephews are twins. And I also currently have a soft spot for all things British given that those nephews are currently in the UK for two years. So when I had the chance to photograph a family with twins from the UK, you can imagine my excitement. I’ve known these two for about two years now (boy, that’s a lot of twos!) and each session is more fun than the last. I love their cute little accents and their love of nature. And the lovely mom and dad tolerated my questions about when is the best time to visit London, why is there a government fee for a TV, etc. You’d think I’d know these things since I spent a semester abroad in London so I’m somewhat familiar but it’s been a *little* while and mommy-brain doesn’t help.

(Insert cute British accent here.) What a delightful family!

Little I and E loved collecting bits of nature and making piles: rocks, sticks, acorns, flowers. You name it!

They were very excited about their twirls and, in the words of my daughter, they had on good twirling dresses.

Cannot get enough of these smiles!

Double the smooches and squeezes.

Thank you, Angela and Chris, for allowing me to not only document your dynamic duo for the past two years, but also for answering my silly American questions about the UK. Thanks for telling me about The Gruffalo!

To view the complete gallery, click here (password required; please contact either the family or me if interested).



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