On the move at 7-months – Winchester, MA

There’s nothing quite like the transition from a baby being the stationary-I-can-plop-you-anywhere-and-when-I-come-back-you’ll-be-in-the-same-place mode to the crawling mode. It just happens one day. And it happens fast. And now you are in the next chapter. The chapter where every piece of furniture can be a hazard and you call the pediatrician the first time the baby falls and hits her head on the hardwood floor (*I’m neither confirming nor denying this for myself). It is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. And so is the case for sweet Baby B. She’s got mad skills. I’ve known her since she was born and I can’t believe she’s already mobile. Her parents are dear friends of ours so it’s been especially fun to see her grow.

Before we get to all of Baby B’s sweet moves, check out this precious face!

And she’s off!

Watch out, Megan and Brad, she has big plans. BIG plans.

Oh, and did I mention she’s already pulling up on things, too? Uh huh.

This cute chair has been in Megan’s family for generations; I love that sentimentality!

She’s such a love.

Thank you, Brad and Megan, for letting me capture your little one while she’s still so little. I can’t wait to see what she has in store.

To view the complete gallery, click here (password required; please contact either the family or me if interested).

Rainelle - 2013/08/13 - 8:17 am

She is so precious! I love the color combination!

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