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Newborn session (Dan, Meghan, & E) – Stoneham, MA

She was asleep when I arrived. She was asleep on the bed. She stayed asleep in the basket. And in the crib. And outsideView full post »

Family portrait session (Angela, Joe, & B) – Gloucester, MA

When they told me that little B wasn’t much of a smiley kid, and was more on the serious side, I didn’t *View full post »

Family portrait session (Katja, Brad, & Z) – Watertown, MA

Cute Z turned the big one not too long ago. According to her lovely parents, she has taken a couple of steps here andView full post »

Family portrait session (Brittany, Dave, & B) – Northbridge, MA

The morning was *supposed* to be warm and sunny. It did not turn out that way but that didn’t stop this handsomeView full post »

Family portrait session (Stephanie, Richard, M, & C) – Wakefield, MA

Baby C is currently the record-holder for the most calm, sleepy, and chill baby for a newborn session. Yup. She barelyView full post »

6-month session (Alyssa, Adam, & S) – Newburyport, MA

Have you EVER seen a cuter gnome in your life? I am the first to admit that I have my auntie-glasses on when I look atView full post »

Twin newborn session (Jay, Kristen, J, & K) – North Reading, MA

Both of their arms are full – all the time. Whether it’s with a baby, two babies, bottles, blankets, diapersView full post »

Newborn session (Megan, B, & baby B) – Winchester, MA

When dear friends had their second baby, I couldn’t wait to head over and photograph them all together. As luckView full post »

Newborn session (Kathleen, Mike, B, M, & baby T) – Stoneham, MA

By the time baby #3 rolls around, most parents are well versed in getting a baby to sleep, good at figuring out how toView full post »

Family portrait session (Francesca, James, & baby A) – Allston, MA

Sweet baby A was sound asleep in his crib, even as the family dog, Tess, tried to nuzzle her way in and whimper in a wayView full post »

Extended family portrait session – Boston, MA

With parents visiting from Colorado for the Thanksgiving holiday, a new baby within the year and an older toddler cousinView full post »

Family portrait session (Shilpa, Jim, E, & A) – Arlington, MA

Little sister inched closer to the water and with every step, big sister called out a word of caution to warn her not toView full post »

Newborn session (Kristin, Ben, E, & S) – South Boston, MA

A giant, mechanical, Halloween-inspired spider hung from their second story window. One little trick-or-treater insideView full post »

Family portrait session (Christina, Matt, T, & E) – Belmont, MA

The morning was full of mist, but that didn’t stop big sister from finding the colorful leaves on the ground. TheView full post »

Family portrait session (Rachel, Drew, A, & Grizzly) – Brookline, MA

I couldn’t be more tickled to hear from a lovely family I met for the first time last year. Baby A’s tinyView full post »

Newborn session (Alyssa, Adam, & baby S) – Newburyport, MA

So, just a few weeks ago I fell in love again. Didn’t think it was possible, but my newest nephew made my heartView full post »

A birth story (Alyssa & Adam) – Newburyport, MA

I don’t even know where to begin. Do I tell you about how amazing my baby sister was? Do I tell you about howView full post »

Family portrait session – Winchester, MA

Chickens, goats, and a plethora of watering cans. What more could you ask for?  Sweet baby J has grown quite a bitView full post »

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