Family portrait session (Brittany, Dave, & B) – Northbridge, MA

The morning was *supposed* to be warm and sunny. It did not turn out that way but that didn’t stop this handsome trio. We even got a bonus with dramatic fog appearing in the background as if we had it blown in on purpose for effect. Little B was not so sure about the scene but seemed to warm up with a few songs, a little snuggle, and a favorite book. He’s got a smile that goes for miles. Brittany and Dave, you seem to be rocking this parenting thing 6-months in! Thanks so much for a fun morning.

Photography 101 for Mamas is back!

Happy (almost) summer, everyone! I’m SO ready for a change up in our routine, you? The making of lunches, making sure homework is done, rushing from dance to soccer (lovingly called the “soccer shuffle” in our household), getting out the door on time, doing school pick up in the rain, checking to see what day gym is for appropriate footwear, and all of the million little other things that happen in between (colds, fever-bugs, after school grumps, etc.). My kiddos have learned a lot this year, have made some lasting friendships, have loved their teachers, and are now thoroughly exhausted. Like their mama. We are ready for some fun and some downtime playing at home.

What’s on your list for fun this summer? Want to learn something new? Remember that awesome fancy camera you have sitting somewhere that you told yourself that you were going to learn how all of those buttons worked one day? Well, YOU are in luck, my friend. I ran a Photography 101 for Mamas course back in May and it sold out so I’m offering it again! It’s designed just for you – a busy mom who loves to take photos of their kids but doesn’t have the time to study the manual that came with the darn thing. Here’s your chance to carve out a night for yourself to learn about the bells and whistles among friends. Space is limited to 10 students so sign up today! Click on the image below to find out more.

Testimonials from previous students:

“I thought the class was really great. I thought the price was a bit steep when I signed up but I thought it was WELL worth it after taking the class. I learned so much in two hours. It would have taken me weeks or months to read the camera manual to learn what was covered and that would have not even covered lighting and composition. Stephanie did a phenomenal job teaching and explaining things with very good examples.”

“Class was smooth with great flow. Each topic built on the previous one. Loved the instruction on improving my photos with light and composition. Very helpful to actually have time to utilize the camera after instruction for each topic. I found the individual instruction especially helpful… The class was great!”

Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Time: 7-9:30pm

Location: Kidcasso Art Studio

Requirements: Your own DSLR camera and little subjects at home to practice on after

Cost: $99

Questions? Can’t make this one but want to be the first to know about the next one? Hit me up at

Family portrait session (Wendy, Ernie, E, H, N, & L) – Charlestown, MA

Four girls. Four beautiful and sweet girls. Their bond is obvious to anyone who has a minute to observe them together. Ranging from silly giggles to all out serious sprints, these girls and their lovely parents enjoyed a little time at the monument park, just a short walk from their home in Charlestown. Wendy and Ernie were the lucky winning bidders in the Charlestown Nursery School silent auction portrait session. The family will be starting a new adventure this year as they make an international move, so documenting their love of their local park seemed fitting. I wish you all the best as you begin a new chapter; I have a feeling these girls will be happy as long as they are together.

Side note: I couldn’t help but feel a little bit like I was looking in a mirror of my past (I’m one of four girls). So, here’s a shout out to my built-in best friends since day one. Beth, Rainelle, and Alyssa – you rock. Let me know when you want to sprint across the park together; no head starts allowed.

Family portrait session (Stephanie, Richard, M, & C) – Wakefield, MA

Baby C is currently the record-holder for the most calm, sleepy, and chill baby for a newborn session. Yup. She barely made a squeak the entire time I was there. (This always astounds me because neither of my babies were like this. Ever.) Baby’s adoring and energetic big sister reportedly was not like this as a baby so this is a welcome change for Stephanie and Richard. One of the most unique parts about this session was noticing all of the art around the house that was done by Richard who is an artist. Taking a page from his book, big sister made a special painting for the baby which hangs proudly in her nursery.

Stephanie and Richard, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! You have a beautiful family and I look forward to seeing you around our little town!

Family portrait session (Lauren, James, & S) – Boston, MA

Living in Boston with kiddos has so many benefits. A quick walk turns into an outing that includes window shopping at a toy store, checking out the beautiful display at the florist shop, and saying hello to Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, & Quack. There’s also the benefit of gross motor practice while toddling on the uneven cobblestone (for kids and adults, alike!). Sweet and handsome S did all of that along with his doting parents on a chilly spring morning. That was all very lovely, but the thing that had me chuckling on the way home was what happened when we went to get a family portrait with the three of them and their two dogs. Lauren and James had mentioned that one of their dogs always turns away when you try to take a photo of them. I didn’t really believe it. That is, I didn’t believe it until we tried to take the photo. (We did finally get one with both dogs looking, but it took a bit as I couldn’t stop laughing at the one who kept turning away!)

James and Lauren, thanks so much for a fun little walk around your neighborhood. It was so nice meeting you all; such a nice gift from your former nanny!

C o n n e c t