Newborn session (Dan, Meghan, & E) – Stoneham, MA

She was asleep when I arrived. She was asleep on the bed. She stayed asleep in the basket. And in the crib. And outside. And she even seemed to want to go back to sleep after dad changed her. Little E certainly seemed to be a great sleeper, but apparently, that just happens during the daytime. At night, according to her lovely parents, she has other plans. But, isn’t she as cute as can be?

Dan and Meghan, congratulations on your darling little love. I hope that she starts to be a little less nocturnal for you quickly! I loved meeting you both (and realizing our small world connection) and capturing all of the sweetness of little E.

Family portrait session (Catherine, Vake, N, & R) – North Reading, MA

These two handsome brothers have some awesome smiles and even better laughs. They got a chance to show off their brotherly love, their throwing abilities (seriously, they can throw really far), and their affection for their sweet dog. They seemed to enjoy walking around the park and then climbing/hanging around in the playground for a bit. And their parents seemed to enjoy trying to make them laugh (I so wish I had a camera facing behind me sometimes)!

I was so excited to hear that you won the portrait session auction at the Blossoms for Beebe event, Catherine and Vake! It was so lovely to photograph you all.

Family portrait session (Angela, Joe, & B) – Gloucester, MA

When they told me that little B wasn’t much of a smiley kid, and was more on the serious side, I didn’t *really* think that her serious side would be long lasting at the beach. But, of course her parents knew her best –  it took a long while before she cracked a smile and looked at me with such an inquisitive eye for almost the entire session. Her adorable smile first broke through when Joe pretended that the little crab pinched him. She thought it was the funniest thing!

Angela and Joe, thanks so much for sharing your Friday evening with me on the beach. Good luck on your big move and settling into your new home.

Senior Portraits (Nick) – Hampton, NH

Starting new classes, a new season of sports, getting all the school supplies you need, and gearing up for your last year of high school comes with an additional task and challenge: looking at colleges. Nick appears ready to take on all of the above with confidence and focus. He has his strong and steady parents at his side (literally and figuratively – check out Allison’s bio) as well as the support of his sisters (one of whom was at soccer during our session). While I realize it’s not standard to have photos of family mixed in with a senior session, upon reflection, it actually seems very fitting.

I’ve known Nick since he was a curly-haired toddler (yes, I’m dating myself again) so it’s bewildering to see him towering over his mom and trying to match his dad’s height. Nick, I wish you all the best as you navigate your way through this last year of high school and into your college years! Allison and Matt, so good to see you (and good luck to you as you send off your first!).

Family portrait session (Katja, Brad, & Z) – Watertown, MA

Cute Z turned the big one not too long ago. According to her lovely parents, she has taken a couple of steps here and there but hadn’t seemed quite motivated just yet. Apparently, she must have heard them talking because she seemed out to prove them wrong. She went back and forth between them a number of times, each time with a smile bigger than the last, each time a bit more confident. Before you know it, she will be running the length of the field with ease. My advice: don’t blink.

Katja and Brad, it was so lovely meeting the three of you! Congrats on making it through the first year and best of luck as you now childproof everything within her reach.

C o n n e c t